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Chelsey McClymond

In January of 2014, Chelsey McClymond remembers going to bed each night repeating the same prayer “Every single night, I would ask God to help me get out of bed each morning and be a better wife for my husband and a better mom for my kids,” says McClymond, who was struggling as a mom of two boys – an infant and a toddler.

“I felt like I was drowning,” remembers McClymond. “Every task just seemed too hard, and I couldn’t look myself in the mirror and respect the person I saw.”

That same month, something happened that seemed to be the answer to her prayers. McClymond’s friends made her commit to trying the THRIVE Experience for the second time around. She’d tried the products once before but didn’t take them correctly and quickly gave up.

On the first day that she tried all three steps, following the exact instructions one of her friends provided, McClymond experienced an elevated mood that she’d never felt before.

A few days later, “I felt so energetic and happy that I felt like my kids were meeting their mom for the very first time.” That’s when McClymond knew that she had a special product in her hands.

The next month, she became a THRIVE Promoter, which she acknowledges “was terrifying”.
“I had never sold anything in my life – I never even had a lemonade stand as a kid,” she says. She also gave her upline “all different kinds of excuses for why I wasn’t going to be good at it.”

She also worried that, living in a small town in Texas, she didn’t know enough people with whom she could share the THRIVE Experience.

But McClymond cast those doubts aside and started reaching out to people she knew from high school and college and sharing her THRIVE story.

“Everyone can be helped by the THRIVE Experience.”

As she saw how much the product was helping people she knew, she became even more inspired. One woman, her track and field coach from high school, told her that after THRIVING for a short time, she was able to bend her knees with ease again and play on the floor with her grandchildren.

“I realized very early on that people are so good at hiding what they’re going through in life, and that everyone can be helped by the THRIVE Experience.”

McClymond hit her 4K VIP rank during her first month as a Promoter. Six months later, she reached the 200K rank. Eventually, she became a Millionaire Award recipient.

She and her husband Luke, who previously worked in the oil industry, have grown their family with two more sons, and are both now full-time THRIVERS.

And while McClymond says she’s “super proud” of her accomplishments as a THRIVE Promoter, she’s even more proud of her team members. “I won’t rest until every single one of them goes across that stage and receives their own Millionaire Award,” she says.

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