Looking Great

Exfoliation 101

Skip the pricey facial spa and use an enzyme peel to get glowing skin at home

Has your skin lost its natural glow? Don’t despair. You likely just need to exfoliate. “Exfoliating is one of the most crucial steps in your skin-care routine, but it’s also the most overlooked,” says Dr. Avnee Shah, a dermatologist.

Our skin cells constantly divide on deeper layers and then move towards the surface as they mature. Eventually the cells reach the outer layer, where they die. This dead layer plays a key role in protecting our skin from harmful organisms, UV rays, dust and dirt. Often, this dead layer of cells is naturally washed off every month or so, but here’s where it gets tricky: Sometimes, our body doesn’t get rid of these cells and this dead layer of cells becomes too thick. The result? Tired, worn-out, gray-looking skin.

The solution, says Shah, is gentle exfoliation. “Skip facial scrubs with harsh ingredients,” she warns. Scrubs tend to temporarily damage the outermost layer of the skin, which can cause irritation and even infections.

A better option is to treat your skin to regular enzyme peels. These products contain different types of enzymes, such as those from raw fruit like papaya. The peels help gently and carefully exfoliate the skin and dissolve that pesky layer of dead cells.  

At-home enzyme treatments, when done correctly, are also a smarter option than the expensive, more invasive chemical peels you get at facial spas. Enzyme peels are much gentler and merely work on the surface of the skin, while chemical peels work on the deeper layers. Plus, enzyme peels are simple to use and, unlike chemical peels, will not cause any skin peeling, redness or itchiness. They’re even a good option for people with sensitive skin.

Step One

Choose your favorite peel. We recommend THRIVE Skin Infinite CBD Enzyme Peel, which is designed for all skin types. Its unique formula, which includes CBD and papaya extract, naturally exfoliates skin without causing irritation.

Step Two

Smooth the peel onto your face with a fan-shaped facial brush or your fingers, avoiding the delicate skin around your eyes or lips. Massage the peel into the skin and let it sit for up to 10 minutes.

Step Three

Wipe off with a cloth soaked in cool water to avoid getting any into your eyes. (Cool water neutralizes the peel activity.) You can repeat the process as often as your product of choice recommends. After a DIY enzyme peel with the right product, you should notice that your skin tone is even and brightened.

BONUS: Your pores should be clearer, as enzyme peels are able to dissolve oil plugs as well. In addition, over time, you may notice that dark spots and blemishes improve, as the best peels promote skin oxygenation. Now, it’s time to get glowing!