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Ashley Sythavongsa

At the end of 2018, Ashley Sythavongsa realized she was no longer the happy, energetic person she’d always been. Her father had passed away, “and I’d kind of lost myself,” she remembers. Then a mom of two, working as a manager for a hearing aid company, Sythavongsa said she became a “couch potato” every day after getting home from work. “I napped with one eye open while my kids played on their iPads.” She had also gained a considerable amount of weight and wasn’t taking proper care of herself.

“I realized I could continue in a negative direction with my health or do something to help myself,” she says.
Sythavongsa chose the second option and reached out to a friend on social media who had been posting about the THRIVE Experience.

One morning, she took her two THRIVE capsules while still in bed, and within 10 minutes, “I had so much energy that I almost forgot to do the other two steps,” Sythavongsa remembers. Her Promoter friend reminded her to drink her Lifestyle Mix and put on her DFT before heading to work.

Sythavongsa’s friend told her how she could THRIVE for free by signing up two customers, so she became a Promoter in January of 2019 and had her mom and sister THRIVE along with her.
She says the THRIVE Experience gave her the energy to head back to the gym, and she began to lose the weight she’d gained. She soon discovered THRIVE DUO BURN DFT and SCULPT products, which provided additional weight-loss support.

“I never would have been so extroverted without THRIVE.”

She began sharing her story with everyone. Sythavongsa’s family belonged to a big community of hockey parents (her son is a player), and she encouraged other parents to try the THRIVE Experience. “There wasn’t one parent in the hockey group that couldn’t benefit from THRIVE,” she says.

“All I have to do is ask someone, ‘How are you feeling?’ and that provides a natural opening to talk about the THRIVE Experience.”

Sythavongsa often found herself marveling at the new self-confidence she had as a THRIVE Promoter. “I never would have been so extroverted without THRIVE,” she says.

She reached her 12K VIP rank in the first three months as a Promoter and says her journey has been “slow and steady” since then.

Preferring to meet potential THRIVERS face-to-face rather than just relying on social media, Sythavongsa hosts numerous Le-Vel Locals and attends other events in her community to connect with new customers.

She reached the 80K milestone in the spring of 2021 and after having her third child, a daughter, last December, she decided to become a full-time THRIVER. Her next goal is to achieve 200K, but ranks only tell part of her success story.

“If I really want to see how far I’ve come, I just look in the mirror,” she says. “The woman staring back at me loves herself and her life!”

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