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E.R. nurse Lynsey Gollehon loved caring for people, but the job took her away from her own family. Now, as a THRIVE Promoter, she has a more balanced life

It was January 2021, and Lynsey Gollehon, who worked as an ER nurse on a trauma team, was on the verge of burnout.

After returning home from work every day, Gollehon felt irritable and exhausted. “I would come home and rush everybody through dinner and bedtimes as fast as I could,” says the mom of three. “Once I finished, I was so tired that I couldn’t even lift the fork to eat my own dinner.”

Knowing that something had to change, Gollehon started watching some of her friends on Facebook who had been posting about the THRIVE Experience. “At first, I thought it was just another gimmicky weight-loss product,” she says, but as she kept watching, she noticed that THRIVE was different. “Yes, my friends talked about how THRIVE products helped them with weight management and energy,” she says. “But what I really noticed was that they looked happy. I could see it in their smiles.”

Gollehon placed an order for THRIVE and stared at it for five days after it arrived before she decided to try it. “I’ve never been good at committing to health regimens, so I think I wasn’t sure I’d be able to commit to it,” she says.

But one morning, she finally tried the three simple steps, and as she drove to work, she felt “the most awake I’d felt in a long time! I was jamming to the music and my eyes suddenly felt like they were wide open,” she says. The next few nights, she started staying up later and no longer rushed her kids through their bedtime routine. One evening, after reading her son a book –something she hadn’t done in a long time – it hit her. “I hadn’t been doing the basic things a mom should be doing,” she says.

“The THRIVE Experience has allowed me to have the best of both worlds.”

But the THRIVE Experience changed all of that. After using the product for a month without telling anybody, she looked around her workplace one day at the faces of all the exhausted nurses around her – many who were parents, too. She realized she needed to show them how THRIVE products could help them.

Gollehon signed up as a Promoter that February, and within a matter of days, “my business exploded,” she says.
She talked to everyone at work about THRIVE, and soon, firefighters, police officers, doctors and nurse practitioners were THRIVING along with her.

Her husband, who was a flight paramedic, became a Promoter too, and by that summer, both decided to focus on their THRIVE businesses full time.

Gollehon reached the 40K VIP rank last April and she is on track to reach the 80K milestone this spring.

Looking back at how much her life has changed in the past year, Gollehon says she can’t believe that focusing on her health would lead her to a change in lifestyle that would allow her to also focus on being a stay-at-home mom.

“I enjoyed being a nurse, but that wasn’t a balanced life for me,” she says. “Caring for others took me away from my own family.”

Now, as a THRIVE Promoter, Gollehon says she’s able to use her nursing background to help people feel their best.

“I’m still helping people feel better, I’m just taking a different route to do so,” she says. “The THRIVE Experience has allowed me to have the best of both worlds.”

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