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The Big Reveal

Tesla’s mysterious new Cybertruck promises to set a new standard for the American pick-up

It’s impossible to compare the soon-to-be-released Tesla Cybertruck to any other vehicle on Earth because it’s styled like something from another galaxy. Add a remarkable 3,500-pound payload capability, excellent range and over-the-top features and you’ve got a truck in a class all its own. Here’s the lowdown on the mysterious vehicle everyone’s talking about.

Solid as a Rock

Tesla’s engineers began with an impenetrable exoskeleton where every component is designed for maximum strength. (The Cybertruck’s doors can reportedly receive a hit from a sledgehammer without a dent.) Next came an ultra-hard, cold-rolled, stainless-steel skin and Tesla armor glass windows that can absorb impacts. The high-powered electric motors enable better performance than most sport cars and ranges equal to or well beyond other electrics.
The top Cybertruck boasts three electric motors, a range of 500 miles, and accelerates from zero to 60 miles per hour in just 2.9 seconds. As for the ride, Cybertruck’s self-leveling adaptive air suspension system offers comfort comparable to most SUVs during normal driving conditions but adjusts to add the stiffness needed for heavy loading.

Secret Storage Space

The Cybertruck interior features a six-passenger cabin and a low dashboard with a large info screen for maximum visibility. The steering wheel is U-shaped like an airplane yoke, and the balance of the interior has a marble-like vibe illuminated by a huge sunroof. The truck bed provides ample cargo space, but drivers will also find a small, hidden sail pillar storage compartment.

For the Long Haul

Tesla has revealed there’s an ultra-tough trailer in the works, as well as another configuration designed for camping. The Cybertruck’s unique curve-adverse design extends to the trailer, which is said to look like a Cubist’s take on an Airstream. For now, the ultimate design is a mystery, but Cybertruck is prepared for the long haul with a 14,000-pound capacity for the top version. One thing that’s not a mystery is the vehicle’s price tag: The single motor model is expected to retail for $39,900, while the dual- and tri- motor versions will be priced at $49,900 and $69,900, respectively.

At press time, the dual-motor AWD version of Cybertruck was slated to be released in late 2021; the single-motor version is scheduled for release in late 2022. ​

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