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Amanda Antoske has changed careers, but her passion to help people remains firmly intact.

Amanda Antoske found herself hitting the snooze button on her alarm not once, but an average of 14 times per morning. That was three years ago. “I was the type of person who put on her make-up in the Starbucks drive-thru each morning so that I could get a little extra sleep,” she says. “I never seemed to get enough.”

It’s no wonder: Antoske had a full-time job teaching first grade and then spent each evening tutoring until 9 p.m. to make some extra cash.

Then, Antoske was approached by a high school friend who encouraged her to try THRIVE. “Honestly, I kept hearing about it on her Facebook page, but I just didn’t think it was for me,” Antoske says.

Nevertheless, Antoske entered a contest her friend had posted on Facebook to win a mini THRIVE Experience, and she won.

“It arrived on a Saturday but I waited until Monday to try it, thinking all the while, ‘What is this going to do for me?’ ” Antoske remembers. Then Monday arrived: “Holy smokes! What a game-changer!” Antoskesays. By the end of that day, she says, “I felt like a million bucks. I cleaned the entire apartment, went for a run and even made a trip to Home Depot. Then, I put my head on the pillow and had the best night of sleep I’d had in years.”

Thinking it might just be a placebo effect, Antoske says, she reserved judgment for a few more days. But as she continued to gain more energy, Antoske says, she realized that not only was THRIVE for her – but that she could help her friends, many of whom were worn-out teachers, by introducing the product to them.

Fast-forward three years, and Antoske has retired from her teaching job to become a full-time THRIVER. The Antoskes enjoy enough financial freedom that her husband, who is currently a teacher, no longer has to spend his summers coaching travel baseball in order to earn extra income. 

“Our summers are so much different now,” Antoske says. “My husband used to be gone for weeks at a time traveling for baseball. And I was home picking up tutoring and nannying jobs just to make extra money.” Now, Antoske says, the two frequently spend summer weekends visiting friends and going on spontaneous getaways. “Honestly, the time that we have together is far greater than any financial gain that we’ve had,” she says.

While the travel is great, Antoske says, the best part of her THRIVE business is being able to help others feel better. 

“Don’t get stuck in a career because you don’t think you
have other options. Keep an open mind and you’ll realize there are other possibilities.”

“I look back at my story and realize I was stuck in a box,” she says. “Because I went to school to become a teacher and even got my master’s degree in educational leadership, I was stuck on the idea that I would have to do that kind of job my whole life.”

“Now, I realize that I can still help others, but in a better, more fulfilling way,” she says.

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