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Eryn Young had a few rocky years as a new mom, but becoming a THRIVER helped her envision a better future.

Three and a half years ago, Eryn Young was looking for a way out. “I was in an abusive relationship, and even though I was working as both a nurse and a personal trainer, I was barely making ends meet,” she says. At the same time, Young, a new mom, yearned for a better life for her daughter. 

A chance meeting with a Le-Vel Promoter changed everything. Eryn says she was always interested in nutritional products because she’d worked in the health and fitness field for so long. She tried THRIVE and says she immediately “fell in love.

It’s the thoughts you have first thing in the morning that create your mind-set for the day. I set myself up each morning by getting ahead of anxiety and fear and focusing on winning and abundance.”

“What I was so blown away with was the comprehensiveness of the product,” she says. “I was used to taking one supplement to burn fat or another one to gain energy. This did it all.”

Once she became a THRIVER, Young says she began to feel better, both physically and mentally. She started sharing her story with friends, and she says she got great satisfaction from helping them achieve more energy as well.

Ultimately, Young says that becoming a THRIVE Promoter was a “turning point” in her life. She fled her abusive relationship, relocated from Florida to her longtime home in Maryland, and became a top Promoter. Now she’s able to stay home with her daughter full time instead of putting her in day care five days a week.

“After all of the stress I’ve been through, one of the things that’s been important to me is that my daughter has her mommy at home every day,” she says.

Because she found THRIVE to be so life-changing, Young says, she finds it “super easy and natural” to share the product with others. “Being a THRIVE Promoter scratches all of my itches,” she says. “I love health and fitness and I love taking care of people. As soon as I wake up each morning, my first thought is, ‘Who can I help today?’ ”

And as she helps others become Promoters themselves, Young says, she always tells them that they don’t need a high-level degree or any advanced skills to be successful. “If someone is passionate about THRIVE, and they speak from the heart, they’ll be a great Promoter,” she says.

“I’m the perfect case study. I was a scared young mom who thought her life was predetermined, and suddenly I broke out and became this super confident person who decided that the sky was the limit,” she says.

“I always speak from the heart, and people can tell that.”

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