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Shared Passion

Le-Vel has transformed the lives of Javier and Celi Garcia

Javier and Celi Garcia were introduced to Le‑Vel by an old friend. “An old best friend of mine sent me a text,” says Javier. “He wanted to meet up with me as soon as possible for breakfast or lunch. I didn’t know if something was wrong with him, so I had to see him! My wife said, ‘If he is selling something, don’t buy it,’ ” Javier recalls with a laugh. Out of friendship, Javier ended up buying and trying the Le‑Vel product his friend was selling. Now, the couple has a completely transformed life, thanks to Le‑Vel.

When asked about the changes in her life and herself, Celi is very excited. “I’m passionate about what I do!” she says. “I help people feel better! I help people reach their goals! I’m finding satisfaction in my life and, in turn, my children have a better mommy! We took a leap of faith and it’s been the best decision.” Javier’s experience has been similar. “Personally, I am a better version of me!” he says. “When I really focus on my own personal development, my kids get the very best version of Dad. My family knows I love them, care for them and will not quit!”

Together, the couple stays firmly focused on their mission of serving others. “It’s not about you, it is about them! Always ask yourself, ‘How can I help someone else? What does another person need to find happiness?’ When you find something like Le‑Vel that can help everyone, you want to share it with the world!”

Words of Wisdom

What is your favorite daily habit that has helped you become successful? 1-2-3 steps! We listen to positive motivational speakers every single morning.

What inspires you about Le-Vel? Paul Gravette and Jason Camper and their desire to help us all be successful. They both have huge hearts!

What has been the most important lesson learned on your journey? Your health should be a priority. You deserve to feel amazing and your family deserves to have the best of you!

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