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More to Give

Jaime Tetrault can give even more, thanks to Le-vel

“I feel like I got my ‘happy’ back,”rejoices Jaime Tetrault. “THRIVE has been such A blessing to my husband, Thomas, and me both. I feel happy again. I don’t struggle every day feeling so drained like I used to. I’m motivated to be better and do better in many aspects of my life,” Jaime says. “Thomas no longer lives off of multiple cups of coffee a day plus an energy drink. It’s amazing.”

Jaime is experiencing big changes in her life. Like many, she was looking for that extra stamina to get through the day and finish strong. “With the energy and focus from Le‑Vel’s products alone, I am able to be a better parent,” she says. “Before Le‑Vel, I felt like I was sacrificing my relationships and focusing solely on business. Now, I have more to give at the end of the day to my kids, so I am a better parent for it.”

Jaime is more fulfilled in her work, too. “My professional life has improved because I’m part of such a great company,” she says. “It’s easy to approach people and explain the products or business when I’m so proud of everything about this company. I’m proud to stand behind these products and I’m also proud to have such a great opportunity to offer to people who are looking to make a little extra money or someone even looking to change their career. I know they can do that here.”

Words of Wisdom

What is your favorite daily habit that has helped you become successful? Connecting everyday with someone in a meaningful way.

What is the best way to share THRIVE products with someone? Wear your DFTs and people will be intrigued! When you explain what it is, they want to try it too! The company makes it easy for us!

What is the best advice you can give someone looking for success? Work harder on yourself than you do your job. The more valuable you become, the more value you can create.

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