Living the Premium Lifestyle

Laser Focused

Addy Molony’s newfound energy has made all the difference

“Our family life is incredible now!” says Addy Molony. Her work with Le‑Vel has given Addy options she didn’t know she had. “This lifestyle has allowed me to be present at home. It has allowed me to take more vacations and to be at all of the sporting events and school activities. I also get to be a stay-at-home-mom to our little girl,” she says. “The best part is I don’t have to sacrifice my career to do it. I’m the type of person that needs professional fulfillment, so Le‑Vel really gives me the absolute best of both worlds.”

When she first gave THRIVE a try, “I was looking to get back on track with my overall health. I never ever expected all the benefits that came with THRIVE! I quickly became an energizer bunny, cleaning and organizing my entire house,” she recalls. “I used to get distracted so easily and always felt like I wasn’t getting stuff done. THRIVE has me laser focused. That’s made a huge difference in my life. I’m sold, and my husband is so impressed!”

Though Addy was initially hesitant about the opportunity, Le‑Vel has far exceeded her expectations. “I had never been in direct sales before. I was the ‘corporate girl,’” she explains. “I thought that only ‘networkers’ could earn cars and top ranks in direct sales. But we’ve built this team organically. Simply by introducing THRIVE to a few people, lives have started to change. It’s been so crazy! What a ride it has been!”

Words of Wisdom

What has been the most important lesson learned on your journey? I’ve learned to break free of the barriers that once held me back. I’ve pushed out of my comfort zone and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks.

What is the best way to share THRIVE products with someone? When you lead with your passion for the products and are absolutely in love with your THRIVE Experience, sharing becomes effortless.

What is the biggest benefit of joining Le-Vel? To see people change in the most positive ways is priceless.

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