Living the Premium Lifestyle

At the Top

Dustin Bland shares his Le-Vel success with others

“When first introduced to Le-Vel, I was working as the director of human resources for a healthcare management company. While I enjoyed my position, I still found myself missing something,” Dustin Bland says. “I knew I loved social media and helping others. And, though I had also seen my peers earning an income through their social networks, that type of opportunity seemed so far out of reach to me.”

After starting his business with Le‑Vel, Dustin discovered what he’d been missing, and everything clicked. “Although I joined this business for financial freedom, that reason no longer holds the No. 1 position of ‘reasons why I love this company,’” Dustin explains. “Time is so valuable. It’s something we can never get back. Being able to go where I experienced it for yourself.” And he’s shared this blessing ever since. “Le‑Vel has changed the life of my family, friends—anyone and everyone in my circle. Helping my team experience this success is one of the most rewarding things I have ever felt.”

Dustin credits this success to his and his team’s willingness to try new and different ways to share Le‑Vel with others. “We pride ourselves in pushing the envelope and trying new strategies,” he says. Together, they are making their mark. “They say that it’s lonely at the top, but I have to disagree. It’s only lonely at the top if you don’t take anyone with you.”

Words of Wisdom

What Le-Vel product is your favorite and why? Lifestyle capsules. I like instant gratification. When I take the capsules first thing in the morning, twenty minutes later I am on top of the world.

What has been the most important lesson learned on your journey? Don’t over complicate things. Follow the system that’s already in place.

What inspires you about Le-Vel? We live in an online world. Everyone is on their smart phones, laptops and computers 24/7. Le‑Vel capitalizes on that.

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